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Rates & Packages

Your time has finally come!

You've come along way, and now it's time to show the world what you're made of! 

As one of the most important portraits of your life, it is my goal to provide you with a memorable senior portrait experience and capture portraits you’ll absolutely love. You can expect a variety of poses and backgrounds along with a variety of expressions that represent the real you. The hardest part will be choosing your favorite!  

All sessions are shot in an outdoor or indoor location of your choice. Dont have a place in mind? No problem, I know of plenty for you to choose from! Your portrait session is all about capturing your true self, relaxed and comfortable.. as such friends, family, pets, music etc are all welcome to join!

What to Wear

Whatever best captures your personality! It's best to bring a mix of casual and more formal, trying to avoid solid black.  Can't decide on an outfit? Bring several and I can help you choose what will work best.


A small 'sneak peak' will be provided in 1-3 days after your session. The full image set will 
be available within 4 weeks of your session, provided in a high resolution password protected online gallery.


30 minute session

Location of your choice*

1 outfit

Online gallery of edited images


One hour session

Location of your choice*

2-3 outfits

Online gallery of edited images


2 hour session

Location/s of your choice* 

Unlimited outfits / looks

Online Gallery of edited images

Additional Retouching - $10/per image

All images include basic editing. Detailed editing & blemish removal extra

*additional $.50/mi fee for travel greater than 25mi

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  • RHP_170904_0097
  • RHP_170904_0034
  • RHP_170904_0083
  • RHP_171101_0039
  • RHP_171101_0033
  • RHP_171101_0021
  • RHP_171101_0023
  • RHP_171101_0050
  • RHP_160423_0097
  • RHP_160423_0077
  • RHP_160423_0201
  • RHP_160423_0127
  • RHP_160423_0052
  • RHP_160423_0123
  • RHP_160423_0222
  • RHP_160423_0215
  • RHP_161106_0074
  • RHP_161106_0005
  • RHP_161106_0100
  • RHP_161106_0036
  • RHP_161106_0049
  • RHP_Kara21-013
  • RHP_Kara21-024
  • RHP_Kara21-051
  • RHP_Kara21-071
  • RHP_Kara21-112
  • RDE_211024-007
  • RDE_211024-044
  • RDE_211024-065
  • RDE_211024-077
  • RDE_211024-102
  • RDE_211024-106
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